MIUI 11 Update – Less ads, Dark mode & Top new Features


Recently We Got some Leaks about Upcoming Android based MIUI 11. So Here is what to expect from MIUI 11, & there are a few interesting things here. let’s get started.

Ads Reduction in MIUI 11

The absolute first thing here that’s going to be the reduction of ads. No they didn’t say the ads were going away. They were not gonna be removing it. Xiaomi kind of you know depends on ads. They can’t do that but they have confirmed that ads that effect user experience they will be removed. Also anything that they find vulgar. Now how much of an ad reduction? this will lead to only time will tell but any kind of ad reduction is better than no ad reduction at all. Right?

Redesigned Icons MIUI 11

Anyway next is a redesign of the icons. For a long long time now MIUI’s default icons have remained unchanged. Or have been slightly tweaked. Now that’s all supposed to change quite a bit. Now icons are supposed to get more minimalistic and flatter & animations are also expected to get smoother. Now that’s always a welcome change.

Ulta Power Saving Mode

The next on the feature list that was mentioned. Now this is something we’ve seen for a long time from other brands, like Samsung, it’s something similar to the ultra power saving mode. It’s a power saving mode that turns the screen monochrome black and white. It is just gonna let you text and use calls. Now this it makes a lot of sense for Xiaomi to do it at this point, given that they have been using OLED’s and almost all their Flagships for a couple of generations. Monochrome can help a lot with battery Conservation on OLED panels. So Xiaomi adopting Samsung’s kind of ultra power saving makes a lot of sense at this point of time.

Dark Mode in MIUI 11

I’m talking about OLED panels, MIUI 11 is also expected to bring with it another feature that we all should be quite excited for. A system-wide dark mode. Now this is something you’ve already been seeing on MIUI beta. It should be ready to go out of the box on all devices with MIUI 11.

Notification Management

Then there is notification management. Now if there is a notification that you’ve not read for a while it’s gonna be added to your notification box storage. So when you clear all notifications, it doesn’t get cleared. You can find them later from storage. So basically just because notifications have accumulated you get frustrated and clear them. That’s not gonna mean you miss some important notification but this is something we got to see to understand better. But it sounds interesting, right?

Status Bar Icon Problem Fixed MIUI 11

Remember the annoyances with icons on the status bar with the Poco f1? That is also something they’re going to be addressing with MIUI 11. The clock is supposed to move to the right and the icons are supposed to be spaced well. So basically better stay a status bar management. That’s another feature that’s supposed to be coming with MIUI 11.

Recycle Bin

There is a local recycle bin for SMS, photos, documents and other files, that should get automatically deleted after three days. So if you delete something by mistake, accidentally then you should be able to recover it immediately. So it’s a little bit of an extra buffer there in case of any accidents. That’s always nice to have. Then they also talked about some China specific functionality like call recording for WeChat and QQ.

So these were basically all the features they mentioned that MIUI11 was gonna be bringing with it. Now we’ve not even seen MIUI 11 yet but it already feels like a major change in the feature list is starting to look really impressive.


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